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Speed Cloth And Felt Game Table Cleaning And Care

When you have a specialized piece of furniture specially and lovingly crafted in your home for your gaming adventures, it’s important to know what the table’s liner is made of and how you can best take care of and maintain that liner. After all, a table such as a gaming table or a billiards table is an investment for even the most devoted tabletop gaming devotees. Maintaining the table and keeping it looking spic-and-span is a point of pride for table owners, which is why we want to provide you with an overview of some simple tips sure to keep the table’s playing surface looking and playing as good as new for years to come. Let’s talk.

The first important tip for anyone with a gaming table is to beware of snacks. Obviously, food and snacks are a crucial aspect of every gaming night, but to keep your table clean, make sure you and your party keep their food and drinks away from precarious situations in the field of battle. Perhaps that’s not the advice you’re looking for: after all, even the most cunning plans run afoul, so what should you do if there is a bit of food debris littered across the table? Use a small brush like a lint brush to clean up remnants of your delicious snacks.

What if some liquid has been spilled? Well, if your table has a traditional felt cover, then you’re likely already aware that it can be easily stained. First, use a small cleaning towel to blot out the liquid on the top of the surface. Then, use a vinegar-water solution to blot out the stain. Be careful not to use too much of the solution—excess liquid will soak through the backing. Once the stain has been dealt with, allow it to dry properly.

If, however, your table features speed cloth, then you may be happy to know that your liner is totally water-resistant, so surface stains will only require you to blot and absorb the spilled liquid as soon as possible and allow it to dry before using the table again.

When your table isn’t in action, a great way to maintain the cloth is to keep it covered. Whether your solution is to use a simple bed sheet or your table is designed to have a wood leaf cover, they all do the same job: keeping dust and dander from settling on the cloth. Covering the table is especially important if anything will be placed on top of the table—pool tables, for example, sometimes have a table tennis conversion top. Excess sunlight can also be damaging: direct UV radiation from the sun or fluorescent lightbulbs will fade the cloth over time.

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