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Ideas For Your Gaming Room

Your new gaming room can be the room of your dreams.

If you are either planning to renovate your gaming room or maybe you’re putting together your very first one, this is an exciting decision for any gaming enthusiast. Fortunately, there are distinct ways of making your new gaming room into the room of your dreams.   

Versatile Furniture  

If your future gaming room is currently spare, you need to keep in mind the space you have to work with. Decide which space will be best for your gaming needs and make a conscientious wish list of things you would like to have in the room but be mindful not to overpack the room with too many things. Gaming tables usually need three to five feet of space around them, or else you end up with a cramped space. Particularly if you’re dealing with a smaller room, optimizing the space is particularly important, so if you can invest in multi-use furniture, so much the better!  


If your collection of games, books, and accessories is a robust one, having a place to keep them is important. After all, if you’ve invested your time and money into this collection, keeping them strewn about the floor is probably not the solution you’re looking for. One solution, should it be available to you, is to use closet space to your advantage. Put a bookshelf in there to keep your games and components in an easily accessible, yet out of the way place to help make optimal use of space. If closet space is at a premium, consider building-in designated shelving along one or more walls to help efficiently organize all your gaming needs.  


Comfort is key. Picking out quality chairs will keep you, and your fellow adventurers engaged in the game world because they won’t be distracted by discomfort in the real world. Additionally, pieces that are easy to move around the room, like ottomans or stools, can be very helpful, too. No matter where the action’s at, guests can pull up a seat and join in.  


Have a bar in your basement? Well, use it! A bar with snacks and drinks is sure to liven up any entertaining space. Even if you don’t have a “proper” bar, a simple mini-fridge to chill drinks or food can (and will) do the trick. 

Sound System  

One of the few things that can make your tabletop journey more memorable is an epic backing track. Having a quality speaker system immediately sets the mood for adventuring and instantly boosts your immersion in the gaming experience. Surround sound systems in your walls and/or ceilings or even more standard systems on your TV or computer can do the trick. 

Need music to play? Movie scores are particularly suitable, so next time your gaming group is together, consider cuing up The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or any other soundtrack that gets the mind and body prepared. I personally recommend Planet of the Apes , and many Bond films have renowned soundtracks—I’m also a huge fan of Jurassic Park music. Video game scores can really set the tone, too. 

Happy gaming!  

Source: https://gameontable.com/

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